Veterinary Diets Vancouver

Providing a solid dietary plan for your pet is critical when it comes to preventing a number of long-term health issues. In fact, providing a diet that meets your pets needs not only prevents a number of health care issues but also improves the quality of life your pet experiences. Proper nutrition is so important to your pet that this is something Cypress Vet does not take lightly. We are very thorough in making sure your pet has the exact nutrition that they need throughout their life.

Providing Your Pet with the Best Diet Possible in the Vancouver Area

First, we will meet with you and your pet in our Vancouver/Kitsilano location in order to discuss the special needs of your pet. We will then recommend a dietary plan that has been properly researched and is of only the best quality. From there we will carefully monitor your pet in order to ensure that their needs continue to be met and will make any necessary adjustments that come with age or other special circumstances.

We carry a wide variety of prescription pet foods so no matter what your pet’s dietary needs are we can provide you with a solution.

Some of the Prescription Pet Food We Provide

  • Purina
  • Hill’s Prescription Diet
  • Royal Canin

About the Prescription Pet Foods Provided


Whether you have an overweight feline or canine or your pet has other special dietary needs, Purina has a number of options available for you. Purina has done extensive research to understand the unique digestion issues of both dogs and cats. They know the importance of proper nutrition and have created specialized formulas that have been formulated based upon scientific research to treat a number of pet issues.


Established in 1939, Hill’s has been established as a top pet food provider that is highly respected throughout the veterinary medicine industry and pet owners alike. Whether you have a senior pet that needs some special care or want to give your puppy or kitten a strong foundation with a solid diet, Hill’s had a special formula blend that has been well researched and carefully formulated.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin provides what they refer to as “veterinary exclusive nutrition”. They provide only the best ingredients that are mixed together to provide nutrition for a number of conditions that your pet may be experiencing. They also have created formulas that will be appetizing to your pet as well.

If there is not a brand listed that you would prefer to use for your pet just let us know and we will do our best to see if we can get it for you. Your pet’s diet is critical. Call us today to discuss the best option for your pet.

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