Ear Cleaning for Your Pets

Ear Cleaning is important for many reasons. For one, parasites can easily lodge themselves into your pet’s ears. What looks like ear wax may very well be bugs or parasites. Leaving them in your pet’s ear can cause an ear infection or disease, which can result in hearing loss. Symptoms of a possible ear infection include:

  • Constantly scratching the ear
  • Whining while scratching the ear
  • Shaking their head a lot
  • Redness
  • Black substance in ear
  • If any of these symptoms occur make sure to contact your veterinarian.

When cleaning your pet’s ears you want to find a gentle solution to use. You can pick one based on your vet’s suggestion or just read the bottles for age requirements and ingredients. Apply the solution inside your pet’s ears and gently rub the earlobes to make sure the solution is getting into the crevices of the ears. Your pet will shake its head to try to get some of the gunk out; and you will see debris falling out. You will probably want a towel around to prevent a much mess as possible. Then, tear off a piece of cloth and wrap it around your finger, or get a q-tip, and gently remove whatever is left in your pet’s ear. It’s important to be as gentle as possible as to not make your pet feel even more uncomfortable, or have yourself accidently cause damage to your pet’s ear. If your pet continues to show some signs of an ear infection, bring your pet to your veterinarian so they can find the source of the problem.

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