Joint & Bone Health

Most pet owners love to play with their pets and see them running around happily instead of moping and hardly moving during the day. Fun times with your pet are impossible if they have unhealthy joints or bones – it becomes harder to move and the pain (although pets are usually great at hiding it) becomes intolerable over time. As always, prevention is the best medicine, therefore we offer a wide range of food supplements for your pets which all ensure that they have healthy joints and bones.

Contrary to popular belief, pets usually need supplements to maintain their flexibility when they’re rather young as well as when they reach later years. While dietary choices have a huge influence on the health of your pet’s joints, it still might not be enough to provide enough natural minerals. That’s why there are a handful of joint health supplements in the market, including glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM. They’re very simple to use (as you usually have to give them to your pets together with their food) and ensure that the pet gets enough minerals to maintain the health of their joints.

When your pet ages, the minerals they get with their food are usually not sufficient to maintain the structure and strength of their bones as well. To ensure that they do have healthy bones in addition to joints, there are some solutions which help with both of these problems. It all depends on the particular pet however, so you should definitely consult with us before using any food supplements – too much of a particular element can even harm your pet instead of helping them.

In case you notice that your pet has difficulty moving or is in constant pain, you should definitely get in touch with us, as they might already be suffering from certain joint and bone health issues. Our diagnostics services include physical exams and digital X-rays whenever necessary, therefore we can tell the precise problems that your pet might be going through. Sometimes, surgery is necessary to get your pet back on their feet, so it’s very important to show your pet to the vet as soon as you notice any problems. To avoid that however, we offer plenty of products which can be very effective in keeping your dog or car healthy and playful even in older age.

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