Trimming Your Pet’s Nails

Nail trimming is an important part of your pet’s grooming. If your pet’s nails grow too long, they can curve dangerously close to your pets paw and puncture it while walking. Even if they don’t curl drastically, they can still cause pain when your pet is walking. Some pets need nail trimmings every month, others every two months. For your pet’s first trimming you may want to take them to our vet so we can demonstrate how to properly trim your pets nails.

Right Tools to Use

To trim your pet’s nails, you will need the proper tools. Mostly, you will just need rimming scissors. There are three different types: Guillotine, Scissors, and Pliers. Which one you should choose depends on your pet’s nails. After trimming, you can use a metal hand file to smooth down the rough edges. Styptic powder is helpful when you accidentally cut your pets quick.
When demonstrating how to trim your pet’s nails, one thing the vet will tell you is to be mindful of the quick, your pet’s cuticle. If the quick is cut, it can hurt the pet and cause bleeding. If bleeding has started, you will need styptic powder to quickly stop the bleeding or you can use corn starch or flour as a substitute.

Trimming Your Pet’s Nails on Your Own

Most pets do not like getting their nails trimmed, so don’t be surprised if they make a fuss. It would probably be easier for you and your pet if they are lying down. But if they put up too much of a fuss, it may be safer to allow our vets to do it. We offer nail trimming services starting from $25 only. Please call us to make an appointment or if you have any questions.

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