Pet Dental Prevention

According to American Veterinarian Dental Society, oral diseases affect up to 80% of dogs and 70% of cats by the time they are three years old, therefore prevention is extremely important in this area. You can’t tell your pet to go and brush their teeth however, so input from the owner is required to ensure that the pet’s oral hygiene is perfect. This way, most of the diseases are prevented, meaning your pet will be healthy and happy and you won’t have to worry about any serious pet oral health concerns.

At Cypress St. Animal Hospital, we have a wide range of pet dental prevention products to choose from, enabling you to easily take care of your pet’s oral hygiene. First of all, we can offer you an array of different toothbrushes for your dog or cat, including twin-headed, dual-handled, finger-operated, and automatic ones. A good toothbrush allows you to remove tartar and plaque and keep your pet’s breath fresh and clean – in fact, most veterinarians recommend cleaning your dog’s teeth at least 2-3 times per week. You don’t have to do it as frequently for your cat, but it’s still required if you’re looking to prevent oral health problems in the future.

In addition to toothbrushes, you’ll have to obtain some special toothpaste for your dog or cat. Human toothpaste is unsuitable for pets, so you should never even try to use it – this will only make the pet irritated and you’ll hardly be able to brush their teeth after such a frustrating experience. At our hospital, you can find a wide range of toothpastes, mouth-rinses, sprays, treats, gels, and other solutions all made to ensure perfect dental hygiene for your pet. They usually taste great as well, with some of the more popular flavors including beef, malt, and chicken.

Prevention is definitely necessary, but if you have a hard time cleaning the mouth of your pet, we can always do that for you. Our veterinarians have years of experience in pet dental care, therefore they can usually make the process easier to handle for your pet and teach you all the necessary techniques to be able to do it by yourself in the future. Even if your pet doesn’t show any signs of pain or discomfort, regular check-ups are still a great idea, as they enable us to spot any diseases in their early phase, meaning we can take care of them before they spread throughout your pet’s mouth.

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