Pet Health

Here in the Vancouver area Cypress Vet has chosen to provide an extensive list of services to a variety of animals. We understand that each type of pet requires specialized treatment and we have the necessary expertise to provide exactly what your particular kind of pet requires.

Types of Animals We Treat in Our Vancouver Location


At Cypress Vet we know how special your dog is to you and your family. After all, they have not earned the title of “man’s best friend” without reason. That is why we have chosen to specialize in the treatment of dogs – so we can provide your canine with the best care possible regardless of what their medical or behavior needs happen to be. So, whether you are looking for preventative treatment with things like dental care and ear cleaning or need something more serious we are here for you and your dog.


We also specialize in the care and treatment required by cats. We will always give your pet professional and gentle treatment and respect the fact that no two animals are alike. So, whether you are looking for a wellness check or your cat is ill and needs diagnostic treatment we will give your feline the very best care possible.

Senior Pets

When your pet has spent their lifetime with you as a faithful companion we know that you just want them to receive the best care possible as they get up there in years. We are here to provide just that. We will approach your senior pet in a gentle and loving way and do our very best to make them as comfortable and happy as possible.


Cypress Vet has also opted to provide specialized services for ferrets in the Vancouver/Kitsilano area as well. We know that ferrets can make delightful pets but as a pet owner your options may be limited when it comes to getting your ferret the healthcare necessary. But that is not the case with Cypress Vet. We understand the unique healthcare needs that a ferret requires and will be happy to provide that care to your special pet.


Hamsters are a very popular pet these days but many hamster owners don’t know what to do if their pet requires medical care as many veterinaries don’t offer treatment for these special pets. However, Cypress Vet is proud to offer specialized medical care and treatment for hamsters as we know that just because they are small does not mean that they do not mean a great deal to you as their pet owner.


The treatment of hedgehogs is another specialized area that many animal care providers simply do not offer. But again, Cypress Vet wants to make sure that your hedgehog receives the medical care they need in order to stay happy and healthy. Whether your hedgehog isn’t feeling well and needs diagnostic treatment or if you just want a little dose of preventative medicine, Cypress Vet is here to help.

If you own one of the pet types listed above, we would love to provide your pet with the quality treatment they require to live a long, healthy, and happy life. Please contact us today with any questions or to set up your pet’s next appointment.

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