Pet Euthanasia

As we all know , death is an inevitable part of life. Our pets are our family and the passing away of them can have devastating effects on our emotional well-being.

Unfortunately, as pet owners, we have to make the difficult decision to let our precious family member go humanely.  This can be due to the old age of a pet, existing critical health conditions which would cause severe health implications in the near future, the pet is suffering from pain due to injury or illness or has become vicious and dangerous. Whatever the reason may be, taking the route to have a pet put to sleep is never an easy thing for any owner to do.

At Cypress St Animal Hospital, we help pet owners in the next steps when their pet passes away at home or when they have to make the difficult decision for a sick cat, dog, rabbit, or pocket pet to be put to sleep . This is done in the form of euthanasia. Euthanasia isn’t an uncommon practice for  pets who are suffering, in a great ordeal of pain, or at the end of their life, with their owners wanting them to have a peaceful death, euthanasia makes the process to let go with more calmness and peace than otherwise.

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