Urgent Care

General Pet Services Offered in the
Vancouver Area

We offer an extensive list of wellness services in the Vancouver area. These
services include the following:


Our walk-in appointments are designed to provide you with the utmost convenience. No need to schedule an appointment in advance – simply drop by whenever it suits your schedule. We value your time, and our walk-in services eliminate the hassle of waiting for a scheduled slot, offering quick access to our skilled veterinarians. Accidents and unexpected health concerns can happen at any time.


We understand that your pet's upset stomach can be a cause for concern. Diarrhea and vomiting are common symptoms that can indicate various underlying issues, from dietary indiscretions to more serious health conditions. Our dedicated veterinary team is here to provide expert care and tailored treatment to ensure your pet's swift recovery. Every pet is unique, and our treatment plans reflect that individuality.

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