International Health Certificate

Preparing for international travel with your pet, including the completion of requisite paperwork and import permits mandated by certain countries, can be a daunting undertaking. Each country has distinct requirements, particularly in destinations like New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Hawaii, and the U.K., where meticulous planning six to eight months in advance is often necessary, particularly for locations with a ‘rabies-free’ status.

To mitigate stress, it is recommended to proactively prepare before embarking on your journey:

Contact the consulate or embassy of the destination country to inquire about the current importation requirements for pets. Contact your airline provider to ensure adherence to specific airline and flight prerequisites, encompassing necessary paperwork and appropriate kennel specifications. Be mindful of potential restrictions about certain dog breeds, particularly brachycephalic breeds.

It is also advised to contact CFIA to schedule an appointment for the endorsement of the health certificate issued by them before your travel. We are here to aid you in acquiring necessary treatments, tests, vaccines, or lab work, while also facilitating the preparation of the International Health Certificate for your trip. Given the varied and frequently changing requirements of each country, owners bear the responsibility of thorough research and ensuring all documents and prerequisites are in order before the scheduled appointment.

For more assistance, reach out to the CFIA Burnaby office at Unit 400-4321 Still Creek Dr, Burnaby, BC V5C 6S7, phone # 604-292-5700, email: [email protected].

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