Geriatric Care

At Cypress St Animal Hospital, we understand the unique needs of our senior furry companions, and our geriatric care services are tailored to provide comprehensive and compassionate support for their evolving health requirements.
As pets age, they may encounter various health challenges, and our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that their golden years are comfortable and filled with vitality. Our Geriatric Care program encompasses a range of services aimed at promoting the well-being of senior pets, addressing age-related issues, and enhancing their overall quality of life.

We recommend and conduct routine health checkups for senior pets to closely monitor their physical condition. These examinations enable us to detect and address any emerging health issues promptly. Aging pets often require adjustments to their diet to meet changing nutritional needs. Our experienced veterinarians provide personalized nutritional counselling, guiding pet owners on the most suitable diet to support their senior companions’ health. Arthritis and other age-related conditions can lead to discomfort in senior pets. Our geriatric care includes effective pain management strategies to ensure that pets remain as pain-free and active as possible. Dental health is crucial at any stage of a pet’s life, but it becomes even more vital as they age. Our clinic offers specialized dental care services to address dental issues commonly seen in senior pets. Senior pets may experience a decline in mobility and our team provides assistance and recommendations for maintaining or improving mobility, including exercise plans, physical therapy, and the use of mobility aids if necessary. Aging can sometimes bring about changes in a pet’s behaviour. Our assessment and diagnosis care includes behavioural monitoring to identify and address any alterations in habits, mood, or cognitive function.

Geriatric care is not just about managing health issues but also about fostering a strong bond between pets and their owners during their twilight years. At, we are dedicated to promoting the longevity and happiness of our senior pets through personalized and attentive services.

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